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San José is the capital of our country, and a nature air hub. it is located in the heart of Costa Rica, on a plateau, at an altitude of 3,000 feet. it is surrounded by majestic blue green mountains and highland coffee “fincas” that touch the cloud covered volcanoes of Poás and Irazú.

the city is known for its theater, performing arts, and galleries. some of the most well-known destinations are the pre-columbian museum, the gold museum, the jade museum, the museum of national history, and the children's art museum.

the Teatro Nacional is an exact replica of the opera house in Vienna, Austria, and home to the national orchestra, opera, and a rich program of performances.

San José has great hotels, including Alta las Palomas. this boutique hotel is one of the most luxurious experiences you can give yourself. it is even conde nast collection approved. you’ll find a lively nightlife, clubs, and an array of excellent cuisines to choose from. dining choices take you from Costa Rican typical whole red snapper, to Italian fresh pasta, to French brasserie, to Peruvian ceviches, to Japanese sushi, and Argentine beef specialties.

one of the city’s best attribute is its location. from the capital you can find yourself on a coffee tour, at the base of an active volcano, white water rafting, bungee jumping, or enjoying a cultural museum in less than 30 minutes.

there are no street addresses in San José. although some exist, people rarely use them. directions are given in meters from a “known” landmark. who actually knows these landmarks is another mystery, however, it makes finding something an adventure and that’s why you’re here. isn’t it?

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quick facts

San Jose was built on the profits of the coffee export business. All over the Central Valley including urban areas, you can find working coffee farms. San Jose was a forgotten backwater of the Spanish empire until coffee made its way to the sleepy citizens of the old world in the late 19th century. Once the Europeans got a jolt of the grano de oro, San Jose was riding high. Coffee planters, newly rich and craving culture, imposed a tax on themselves (we know its odd), to build the Teatro Nacional, San José’s most beautiful building.

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