travel agents

New Travel Agency Registration

If you have already registered, please proceed to Agent Sign-In to access your booking and travel information. If you have not already registered, please read the following steps carefully. Without this registration, you will not be able to book Nature Air online and receive additional partner benefits.

Step 1: Register

Click on Agency Registration and complete the required fields. As part of the process, you will be asked to register an Agency Administrator. The Agency Administrator will be the point of contact with Nature Air, and will be responsible for activating other agent accounts in his or her agency. The Agency Administrator will receive an email confirmation from Nature Air indicating that we have received the registration information.

Step 2: Accept terms and conditions

One of our associates will contact you directly (by fax or email) to provide the Agency Terms and Conditions. Please review and return a signed copy of the Agency Terms and Conditions via fax or email. You will be notified when your agency code has been activated with login instructions.

Step 3: Login to your new account

The Agency Administrator can sign-in through Agent Sign-In and view pending agent registrations via the Agent List. The Agency Administrator can then activate, suspend or delete any agent accounts within the Agent List. You will now be able to reserve Nature Air flights directly online 24 hours a day and receive your commission.