our planes

nature air is proud to provide the least intrusive and most enjoyable way to travel through environmentally sensitive areas with the quietest aircraft available in its class. Our recently updated fleet was selected to optimize the comfort of our passengers while improving fuel efficiency and lowering our Carbon emissions.

LET L410 UVP-E20

Number in fleet: 4
Maximum seating: 19 pax
Crew: 2 pilots
IFR capable
Twin, engine, turbo Prop

the L-410 is un unpressurized all-metal-high-wing commuter aircraft, with 2 hydraulic circuits: main and emergency, since 19696, mora than 1.100 airframes have been produced.

the wide-body of our aircraft provides the highest standard of passenger comfort. at pasengers luxuriate in comfortable seats occupying 76cm (29.9in) of space during flight.

the modern interior desing provides ample headroom and legroom with large windows in each row.

dehavilland DHC 6 twin otter series 300

Number in fleet: 1
Maximum seating: 19 pax
Crew: 2 pilots
IFR capable
Twin engine, turbo Prop
Cruise speed: 140kts
Door Dimensions: 68" H x 62" W

the DeHaviland Twin Otter has gained international respect as an indispensable aircraft in all types of conditions thanks to its rugged construction and useful STOL (short takeoff and landing) performance. The aircraft is revered in Canada – where it is manufactured – for helping grant access to the harsh Northern Territory for adventure travelers. The Twin Otter has been to the North Pole more times than any other aircraft in the world, and two Twin Otters were used to evacuate Dr. Ronal Shamenski from the U.S. Amundsen-Scott South Pole station, a mission that made international headlines in 2001.

at nature air we are proud to continue the rich tradition of exploration and adventure of the Twin Otter. throughout its 20 years of service, Nature Air was the first to provide regular air access to some of Costa Rica’s most remote destinations, previously accessed via long and difficult journeys over land. today, our three Twin Otters make their home in the skies and 15 tropical runways of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama that Nature Air flies to.