how to give back with each flight you take

our passengers make a world of difference

More than seven years after becoming the world’s first carbon neutral airline, Nature Air is more dedicated than ever to protecting the communities we fly to - and now you too can take part on an individual level.

offset your personal carbon footprint

Long-term sustainability is dependent upon collaboration. To facilitate client participation in this effort, we have an optional feature on our booking engine that allows you to compensate for the carbon emissions associated with your reservation. The compensation cost averages $3 per flight and is completely voluntary. Nature Air will continue to compensate all emissions that are not sponsored by our passengers. Although the sum per seat is minimal, each individual contribution adds up to a significant sum, 100% of which goes directly to FONAFIFO with no hidden intermediary costs.

Read more about our Carbon Neutrality Program or Book a flight and look for the option to compensate for your carbon footprint.

donate to community development via NatureKids

We’ve also offer the option to donate directly to NatureKids - a Costa Rican foundation dedicated to working with low-income families to help them develop the tools they need for self-reliant futures. Through an English language program, environmental education and computer courses, NatureKids collaborates with families to bring viable and affordable education to remote communities in Costa Rica.

Our main school was opened in 2006 in Drake Bay, where more than 60 students are enrolled. Nature Air pays nearly 100% of the foundation’s expenses. With help from community sponsors and donations from passengers like you, we hope to replicate these benefits in other destinations and create a more collaborative and sustainable approach to financing this important venture.

We do not expect, nor do we request a financial donation from all our passengers. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone who wants to make a contribution to the rich biodiversity or local communities you encounter during your visit. We also accept the following items for our students:

  • Children’s DVDS and movies.
  • Art or school supplies in good conditions.
  • Ideas for collaborating on a new school in other destinations we fly to (please send ideas to
  • Your time; if you have teaching skills or specific workshop skills that you want to share with NatureKids, write to

For more information about NatureKids and the opportunity of sponsoring a child for a specific educational program go to the NatureKids Foundation webpage.

international awards and recognition

The word is out that Nature Air is no ordinary airline. Over the past few years, we have had the honor of being recognized by the following prestigious publications and organizations for our contributions to conservation and social responsibility.

awarded 2011 Travel + Leisure global vision award

Nature Air isn’t satisfied with merely being the world’s first carbon-neutral airline: by 2021, the company hopes to be “carbon-positive,” actually taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. While the carrier is sourcing locally produced biofuels and using biodiesel to power its ground operations, the centerpiece of Nature Air’s efforts is its ongoing purchase of carbon credits...
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winner in Conde Nast Traveler world savers awards 2010.

The world’s first carbon neutral airline, Nature Air, has been named the Overall Winner in Conde Nast Traveler’s World Savers Awards in the airline category. Among 32 honorees chosen from 164 applicants for the prestigious award, Nature Air was recognized as an industry leader in addressing issues of global poverty, health, education and environmental depredation.
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geotourism challenge winner 2009.

Since 2004, Nature Air, based in San Jose Costa Rica, has been synonymous with a 100% carbon neutral aviation program. Making it the first airline to create a program of such magnitude. Nature Air offsets 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions to encourage reforestation of tropical forests in southern Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity zones of the Osa Peninsula.
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Nature Air wins 2009 WTTC conservation award.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has named Nature Air the 2009 Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award winner for best demonstrating sustainable tourism practices, and commitment to the protection of its natural heritage.
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Nature Air receives top sustainable award from the rainforest alliance.

For the first time in 20 years the Rainforest Alliance honors an airline at its annual Sustainable Innovator Awards. Costa Rica based Nature Air, the world’s first carbon neutral airline, has been recognized in the Corporate Sustainable Standard-Setters category. The award is given to companies that have worked with the Rainforest Alliance and exhibited outstanding leadership in efforts to promote sustainability.
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Nature Air receives virgin holidays responsible tourism award 2007.

Helping to keep our air clean; Nature Air is being recognized for its sustainable efforts once again. The Costa Rican airline was given a highly commended recognition as the “best mode of low-carbon transport and technology” at the 2007 Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards in November, 2007.
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