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For 26 years, Drake Bay Resort has been offering an assortment of tours from Corcovado and Caño, to our new Mangrove Tour. Corcovado has been proclaimed by the National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on Earth.” Myrads of bird species are seen here, from delicate hummingbirds to voistrous macaws. Found here are herds of pecarys, anteaters, sloths, and the unusual tapir.

Another favorite spot, Caño Island, is located a few miles off the coast of Drake Bay and it is home to massive varieties of sea fauna. The dolphins are often seen playing in it´s vicinity. Whales from both the Northern and Southern hemisphere will take shelter in these waters and the tour boat will stop to enjoy the sight of these magnificent sea creatures. Once in the island, you can enjoy the sight of a living mosaic of brilliant and colorful fish, wandering sea turtles, and the inmense, but graceful, manta ray.

Our newest addition to our tours, and one of the most fascinating, is the Mangrove Tour. You´ll travel by boat up the largest mangrove forest of Central America and even have the option to kayak through the surreal giant roots of the mangroves.