Why Fly in Costa Rica?

The road conditions in Costa Rica are legendary, and rightfully so. Despite constant repairs, the hot sun, hard rain and pounding from cars and heavy cargo trailers have made even paved roads here into mine fields of pot holes and other obstacles.

Other challenges are the lack of signage on the roads and the aggressive style of driving in Central America; case in point - searching for an unmarked town in the middle of the rain as trucks pass each other blindly on the road is not most people’s idea of a vacation.

  • Road conditions get especially difficult during the rainy season, when heavy rains and runoff or mudslides can destroy a stretch of pavement in a flash.
  • Costa Rica is a small country; however a 100 mile trip will take 4 hours or more due to windy, one lane roads and excessive placement of bottlenecks.
  • Don’t just believe us. All of the best guidebooks contain useful information on getting around Costa Rica and the benefits of flying are touted by Fodor’s, Frommer’s, Lonely Planet and even Trip Advisor and other useful sites.

With Nature Air we are proud to say that every flight we operate is a sky tour with unforgettable views.

One of the best ways to see the country and not lose precious vacation time is from the sky; our aircrafts feature panoramic windows. Our flights returning from the beaches and volcanoes are consistently 25% higher in load factor (number of people on the flight) than those going out. Why? Because most people simply are not willing to drive back and instead opt to have the rental car companies pick up the cars while they fly back or to their next destination.

Nearly all the destinations we fly to have several rental car companies with offices.

Flying into a destination and picking up your car at the airport saves you a lot of time and money in gas, insurance and a drop off fees. We can help you arrange car reservations for pick up at all or our airports.

If you still want to drive, learn more about our car rentals »