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Nature Air is perfect for reaching remote jungle destinations..." Nature Air has "fun, tropical plane designs add a pop of sky art.

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Andre, our driver, yesterday from Jaco to San Jose was great! Very personable. We will use your company on future trips to Costa Rica and we would highly recommend your services - all 3 ground transportation drivers were on time, considerate and very professional. Thank you!

— Danell Hurtado, Santa Barbara, CA

The best part of Nature Vacations is when you leave immigration and see someone waiting for you immediately. You can relax and know everything is going to be okay and someone is looking out for you.

— Sharman Ronda

Nature Air made our vacation smooth and comfortable. It was so nice to be able to relax knowing our travel around the country of Costa Rica was all handled by Nature Air! Our drivers – Fermin and Victor, were SUPER guys!!! The BEST!!! The pilots of our Nature Air flights were AWESOME!!! The flights were AMAZING!!! I will recommend you all to EVERYONE I know! Thanks so much for everything!

— Jennifer Sweete

We were extremely pleased with the person that picked us up from the airport. Fermin Rodriguez quickly became a friend to us and made our trip to Costa Rica one of the best travel experiences to date. Fermin was amazing! He picked us up at the airport and delivered us safely to our hotel. On the way, he took time to give us a very interesting and informative tour of San Jose. We felt very safe with your Nature Air representative. We enjoyed Fermin's company so much we asked to have him drive us to the airport the next day. When we travelled back through San Jose we again had Fermin pick us up and drop us off at the airport. Please pass on a hello to our friend and thank him again. We have told several people to look into using your service when traveling.

— Vasa Gataiance

We are back home and settled back into the cold weather. I wanted to drop you a line for all that you did during our time there. Your efforts made it so that our vacation went smoothly and we did not experience any issues whatsoever and did all that we had come to do. I am recommending your company to all who go to Costa Rica. Thanks again for a wonderful vacation.

— Mike Pattison

At first we thought it was not necessary to fly in Costa Rica, it’s such a small country and we had more than a week in the country. However, we are so glad we did fly. Nature Air is a great airline, I wish the big airlines were as good! They definitely did all the right things, and more. We love your airplanes with the big windows and the views from the airplane were incredible, I feel like we really got to see the country, the pilots were great and you even helped us book a car at two of our destinations – we had a great time.

— Dave Benfer, Baltimore, MD

We wanted to thank you for a great trip. We really enjoyed our flights as much as all the other tours and activities we did down in Costa Rica. That was our first time flying a turbo-prop plane and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We love the fact that all your planes have two engines and I think you guys are definitely the best way to get around. Thanks for an awesome trip.

— Joshua Brott, San Francisco, CA.

I have been on a lot of trips to Africa, Asia and throughout Latin America, so I have a fair share of experience flying. Let me say that your aircrafts are the best I have ever flown, the Twin Otter is a lovely machine. Your airline is also incredibly reliable and on time, we were amazed to see your aircrafts arriving within minutes, even before schedule to pick us up and whisk us off to our next spot, it was flawless. Nice job!

— James Bradford White, Ogden, Utah

I was thinking that flying was too expensive compared to driving, after a week I had spent already $1000 in gas, insurance and rental fees, not to mention changing tires, getting towed, getting lost a thousand times and nearly losing my life a hundred, it pays to fly, in fact once I gave the car back it was like a whole new day….you all should work with the Tourism Board and let them know that driving in Costa Rica is not what I would call a vacation.

— Joel Dougherty, Los Angeles, CA.

Love your company, the first airline in the world to go carbon neutral. I guess with a name like Nature Air, you got to, but still congratulations on walking the walk. You all definitely care for the environment and the people, I was impressed to see the recycling bins in all the airports provided by Nature Air and in Drake Bay a school teaching English and Environmental Studies – all paid for by yourselves. You have my future business, hands down.

— Stephanie Soso, Sacramento, CA.

The crazy thing is we almost did not fly with Nature Air, we went to Costa Rica with another couple who decided to fly with Sansa. We decided to fly Nature Air because my mom recommended it. Well, we ended up being on time on every flight, enjoying the beaches, volcanoes and making our international connection back home, our friends sat for hours waiting for the other company and even missed their flight back home to Denver; they ended up paying a few thousand $$$ more for that mess up. Glad we chose Nature Air.

— Jeremy Khan, Boulder, CO.

I don’t know what the deal was, but the guide books say Nature Air is more expensive but a better airline. Well they are right about being a better airline but your prices were insane. We ended up spending less than half of what we would have paid for a rental car or the other airline – you should tell the guide books to do their homework. Inexpensive and better – nice!

— Randall James McCarthy. Philadelphia, PA.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great time. We purchased all our flights, ground transfers, car rental and even a night in San Jose from Nature Air. It was easy, professional and all of it taken care of – the flights were fun and the pilots were incredible. Great company!

— Steve Martell, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great time. We purchased all our flights, ground transfers, car rental and even a night in San Jose from Nature Air. It was easy, professional and all of it taken care of – the flights were fun and the pilots were incredible. Great company!

— Steve Martell, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Your customer service people in Golfito are the best! We lost our bags and our hotel confirmations, they helped us with phone calls and got us all settled, we must have seemed like crazy foreigners but you treated us so well. Thank you.

— Dianne Driscoll, Boston, MA.

Who painted your planes? We loved it when our Nature Air flights would arrive with the big planes, big windows and the cool paint jobs, the other passengers on the other airline would be kind of kicking themselves…..so glad we chose Nature Air – your company is the best airline in Costa Rica.

— Jenna Stafford, Las Vegas, NV.

Wow – I love working with you guys – you couldn’t have made it any easier for us – and we appreciate it – we’re not seasoned international travelers. I’m looking forward to booking another trip or two with you. Can’t say thank you enough.

— Lee and Jenna Burton

Just a note to thank you for your advise and guidance in developing our itinerary for Costa Rica. It turned out to be everything we hoped it would be, it was marvellous and with the various activities that we booked through you and one or two added we hardly had a rest day, which is how we wanted it. We are, apart from a little jet-lag, suntanned and very fit as a result!!

I would like to add my compliments to your van drivers who were very professional and their commentary as we travelled was most informative. Likewise the various Nature Air flights we took.

Thanks again for a wonderful holiday.

— Best regards, Peter Smith

I just want to thank you again for making all of the arrangements for our Costa Rica trip. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! I want to go back soon and see more. It was so amazing how Nature Vacations managed everything with such precision. We had so many pickups and transfers that I thought there would surely be a mix up at least once, but everyone took such good care of us. The drivers, guides , hosts and everyone was so helpful and friendly. It appears that Costa Rica has perfected the tourism industry to a precise science, making the visitor feel pampered and welcome. I loved the people and the fact that they seem to love their country so much and love to show it off. It was great. I have a group of friends who are thinking of visiting Costa Rica next year, and if so, I will be letting you know.

When I returned to the elementary school where I work, I learned that one of the 2nd grade classes is learning about the rainforest and Costa Rica. They are also selling tee shirts to raise money to buy acreage in the rain forest. The timing is perfect, because I can go to their class now and show pictures, and share some of what I learned.

Thank you again.

— Pat Shrout

Once again, I want to express the sincere appreciation Leslie and I have for you for setting up a fabulous vacation. The entire visit and experience was incredible. Every detail and every aspect of our arrangements was superb. Each location was perfect creating a different and unique atmosphere. Please know that you will come highly recommended by us for anyone else visiting Costa Rica. Based on the "oohs and ah's" from everyone who has seen the photos from our vacation, you can expect others calling you for assistance. Thanks again and when we return, you know we will be calling you!!!!!!

— Richard A. Jones, Judge, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington

Happy New Year! We just arrived home to San Francisco last night and wanted to thank you! Everything on our trip was perfect. The charter flights and transfers that you organised for us were all perfect. We look forward to coming back to Costa Rica for a third time next year. When we get out plans organised, I will email you.

In the meantime, thank you again for all of your help in making our trip PERFECT!!

— Mary Phillips, San Francisco, CA.

Did you enjoy your experience with Nature Air? Submit a testimonial and tell us about it!