costa rica airline nature air

this year, more than 110,000 passengers will travel central america on Nature Air, the costa rica airline that has become the premier central america airline for adventure travel, luxury vacations and eco tours.

Nature Air's back-story starts in 1990, when two Alaska bush pilots founded Travel Air. The original owners had a handful of routes to select tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, a consulting company called Naturegate was working in Central America on sustainable tourism projects. The Naturegate team worked on tourism projects in beautiful destinations, but without an adequate transportation infrastructure.

In 2000, while working on a project in Costa Rica , the Naturegate team found out that Travel Air was for sale. With over 25 years in tourism development, the Naturegate team and a select group of Costa Rican aviation experts formed Nature Air.

The Costa Rica airline started opening new landing strips and new frontiers in Costa Rica travel . NGO teams, researchers, ecologists, environmentalists, foresters, and adventurers of all sorts were the first to travel Costa Rica on Nature Air.

Then, Nature Air expanded to new vacation spots in Central America . This opened the way for scuba divers, swimmers, surfers, individuals, newly-weds, and families from around the world to swim with dolphins, make faces at monkeys, see a Scarlet Macaw in flight, witness the flapper dance of Morphis Butterflies, glide down a jungle river through a gauntlet of Egrets, and fly through a complete circle rainbow without ever touching the ground.

These are the guys and gals who have transformed Nature Air into the premier Central America airline for eco tourism and Central America travel: our passengers.